1. I visit Whitehorse several times a year and reserved a table for 8 on Dec 29 at 11 AM.

    Firstly, you must know that the serving staff were awesome, coping with a full house and a large volume of complaints.

    Most tables including ours, left the hash brown potatoes uneaten, and complained about them.

    One plate from our table was returned because the scramble or omelette was uncooked on the bottom – most unappetizing. Another plate left the bacon uneaten because it was undercooked.

    One slice of my toast was left because it was crushed, and slightly wet.

    When I commented to the waitress about the sorry state of the food, she spoke to her boss (was that you?) who offered 10% off the bill. I accepted, but really, the shoddy food was barely worth half what I paid.

    It would be too easy to blame the cooking staff. I don’t. You see, you hired the cooks, and you know what they are capable of, and surely this is not the first negative comment you’ve had about their performance. And you placed the servers under heavy pressure and frustration. In my view, it is you who is responsible for the terrible conditions in your business. Whitehorse has a lot of able and capable cooks who are available for you to hire, yet you didn’t.

    Dick Barnes
    Adams Lake BC

    • Hi Thankyou for the feedback. It does sound like you didnt have a great experience however this is out of the norm. If our food was as consistently as bad as you seem to think it is we would not be as busy as we are. Having said that I apologize for your bad experience. Cooks are as fallible as anyone. I was not here so did not authorize any discount. I will pass this on to our brunch cook because he does take great pride in what he does and since we are packed every weekend he usually is putting out a good product.

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